Additional Services For Turists

Our team and our partners have one priority: THE PATIENT’S WELLBEING.
medical services in italy for turists

Our medical services go way beyond a mere examination: we also provide treatments for body and mind, while always seeking to meet patients’ needs to best effect.
Thanks to our medical and paramedical staff, we can assist patients and their families and attend to all their health-related needs.

Benefits of hiring dedicated team from us

Multilingual contact centre

A helpful, efficient call centre providing a high-quality service in a range of languages

Interpreting service

Our interpreters provide linguistic mediation between foreign patients and local healthcare providers.

Air tickets / airport transfers

Air tickets to get patients and their families home as soon as possible, plus airport transfers and hotel bookings, where needed

Repatriation of mortal remains

Through our partners, we transport mortal remains back home after a death in Italy. Besides transporting the body, we also take care of all the legal formalities, supplying the certificates that each country requires and obtaining the transit permit needed to repatriate the body.
medical services in italy for turists

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We are a customer-focused company and our goal is ensuring you receive a quick- base medical treatment.